Get Enhanced Muscle with S-23 SARMS:

Get Enhanced Muscle with S-23 SARMS:

Posted by BTS on on 29th Jun 2020

Drug S-23 is a SARM. It is developed by GTX, Inc. It is an investigational androgen receptor. It binds with androgen receptor more strongly as compared to other drugs.

S-23 is a non-steroid drug. It is the most potent drug among all SARMS. S-23 function is anabolic in muscles and bones. S-23 only target androgen receptor in muscles and bone and binds with them and ignore the rest of androgen receptor of the body. Therefore, it does not have any side-effect on human body because harmful effect can only result when all androgen receptors becomes bound which can result in liver toxicity and prostate enlargement. It only enhance the activity of those genes that are responsible for increasing muscle mass and muscle protein by sending signal to bone building cells to increase the production of cells.

S-23 binds with androgen receptor of bones and muscle. S-23 stimulate, muscle mass and promote growth of muscle and bone cell formation by mimicking the function of testosterone.

Current research conducted by GTX, Inc. (Pharmaceutical Company) shows that S-23 can also be used as male contraceptive. It reduces the production of testosterone in male body but this effect is temporary as long as the drug is used. This effect can be reversed completely by quitting its use. S-23 is also helpful in maintaining the hormone balance in female’s suffering from menopause disorder.

How S-23 improves muscle mass?

  • As S-23 targets only androgen receptor of bones. It increases cell production of bones thereby increases the muscle mass.
  • S23 is very popular in the community of athletes and body builder because it not only improve muscle mass but also boost strength. It increases their stamina, speed and physical endurance thereby enables them to work harder and for longer duration.
  • Recent studies conducted reveal that S-23 is effective to loose body weight and burn fats while increasing their muscle mass and bone density at the same time.
  • Traditional method for losing weight may result in muscle mass loss but contrary to others S-23 improves muscle mass and boost strength of body.
  • S-23 is very effective for to treat weak bones particularly in case of aged people. As the age increase the production of androgen in female’s decreases and the production of testosterones in male decline. Both androgen and testosterone are sex hormones of female and male respectively. These hormones play an effective role in maintaining strength of bone and improves density of bones. But when their production decreases their bones start getting weak. S-23 is helpful in maintaining bone strength in aged people by increasing bone density. It also treats various diseases of bones. Metabolic bones disease cause deformation of bones. Osteoporosis result in secretion of mineral and calcium in blood steam thereby weakens one's bones but S-23 can treat these diseases by providing strength to bones
  • S-23 prevent the muscle mass loss as a result of over-use of glucocorticoids. Glucocorticoids can seriously cause muscle loss. S-23 is effective because it preserve the size of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle.